Our story begins with three guys who like to exercise on trails in the woods, whether it be hiking, biking, or running. Being in the woods offers a calming, almost spiritual experience. However these trails often weren’t in very good shape. In order to address this issue, we began moving downed branches off of the trails and now regularly remove downed trees up to 3 feet in diameter. Our goal is to make the trails better and safer for everyone and, as a result of our work, encourage more people to use those trails. It is our hope that with more people using the trails we will have a healthier and happier community overall. We are hoping to include more people in our alliance and to create a communication platform for others who share our goal of outdoor fitness and good trails for all.

To that end, we have formed the Southern Oregon Trail Alliance or SOTA. SOTA wishes to enhance the quality of trails in Southern Oregon and, by way of that, encourage more people to enjoy the health and wellness benefits of being on those trails.

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