Aikido is the “Peaceful Martial Art”, both non-competitive and non-violent. Training emphasizes centering, cooperation and enjoyment. Students develop respect and peaceful power both within themselves and in relationship with others. Sensei’s Michelle and David Keip met in Aikido in the early 1980’s and both hold advanced Black Belts.
3 classes for 3 age groups
Samurai Sprouts Ages 5 to 7 on Thursdays 3:30 to 4:30 pm with Sensei Michelle, 4th Degree Black Belt
Ages 7 to 11 on Thursdays 4:45 to 5:45pm with Sensei Michelle
Aikido for Adults & Teens, Thursdays 6 to 7:30pm with Sensei David, 5th degree Black Belt.
Dues are sliding scale $45-60 per month
Pre-registration is required and class size is limited.

Sensei Michelle Keip has a 4th degree Black Belt in Aikido. She has trained in the martial arts for 42 years, with 37 years in Aikido and 23 years teaching children. She loves balancing discipline and technique with creativity and wonder in her classes.
“I can’t say enough about Sensei Michelle and our Aikido class. My son started classes at 5 years of age and received so many valuable skills from her. She started us on a journey that we are still on. What a wonderful introduction to Aikido, body awareness, confidence and friendship.” Jana Wick, Owner and Head Coach, Napa Valley Fencing Academy

Williams Grange, 20100 Williams Highway, Williams OR 97544

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